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What is a VIP Day?

It’s a 3 hour private session with me to get clear, Find Your Push to get moving forward to get you accelerated results you’re wanting now and not waiting for my next group program to open or maybe you prefer to work privately and not with others.

I get it.

We will design your business & lifestyle with the Lord leading us for maximizing freedom, fun and financial impact.

Together, we’ll focus on creating alignment between your health, business model, and giving yourself permission to make money with the Laptop Lifestyle you desire all centered around the Lord’s plan for you. We will deal with any self-limiting beliefs about money and tune up your “Minds Money Blueprint” with my Audacious Attitudes of Wealth and Faith.

Praying and looking at your life with your heart leading the way, you and I will ensure that you’re taking steps in alignment with your values and desires, by molding your business model and offerings/products/services/courses/real estate/internet marketing to whatever brings you fun, passion and positive energy to integrate with a God-Centered Business. Then, you’ll clear areas of the heart that may be blocking you so we can be in alignment for God’s Financial Abundance.  We will restructure your schedule so you’re experiencing more freedom right away. Working smarter and not harder. FYI… did you know it is God’s will and desire for you to prosper financially? Read it for yourself.   1 John v. 2 and Duet. 8:18

This experience is best designed for those who want some traction in their business or need to transform their health or both; you’ve been trying to figure things out on you own but haven’t had the desired results you’ve wanted. It’s time to RESET so your foundation is solid and you’re pointing in the right direction.


For your business we can focus on the following:

  • Clarify your ideal Laptop Lifestyle & business model
  • Craft your core message, tagline & program names
  • Design (or redesign) unique offerings/products/services etc… that you’ll feel good about and love to deliver
  • Map it all out on a 12-month calendar
  • Restructure your schedule
  • Reprogram your heart & mind for financial freedom and abundance

For your health we can focus on the following:

  • Let’s get to the root of the problem and stop dealing with the symptoms.
  • Discover what food may be causing inflammation in your body.
  • A program to help you lose weight that is easy and effective and guaranteed to get you results.
  • Why you crave unhealthy foods that are sabotaging your weight-loss efforts.
  • What is causing your hormones to be out of balance. For you ladies… Doreen my wife will assist here. She is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. Men… pay attention too. By the time you hit age 40, your testosterone is taking a dip. Let’s talk about what you can do here to feel like you did when you were 25. FYI… I am in my mid 50’s and play and coach a men’s competitive soccer team. I still run circles around these young guys.
  • What exercises to do if you have adrenal fatigue.


  • One-on-one coaching via zoom for 3 hours.
  • You decide if we are going to talk about your health, business or both.
  • Strategize how you will develop this into a profitable online business
  • Dive into your health challenges and how we can detox your body so you are honoring the body God has given you to fulfill your call.
  • You’ll leave the session feeling completely clear, focused, and centered, with a solid plan of action to implement.


Investment: $597

It’s best to set up a free consultation first and then we can make sure we are a fit for each other so I can help you with whatever you are facing


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