We Got the House Free and Clear

Wells Fargo walked away from another one.

We got the house free and clear.

Do you recognize this photo?

It is in my family genes/jeans.

My grandfather was born in 1883 and as a young teenager in Wyoming, he rode with Butch Cassidy, The Sundance Kid and the Hole in the Wall Gang. For you millennials, they robbed trains and banks back in the late 1800’s. Maybe a Wells Fargo stage coach or two… who knows?

Legally… I love to leverage bank fraud to force them to release liens off of residential houses.

I even got the Dept. of Justice to let me know they didn’t like my phrase on my website that said…

WHAT IF… you could legally rob banks?

They said it is giving the wrong message to encourage illegal activity even though it was posed as a question. I replied back to opposing counsel that banks have been robbing us for years with forced placed “PMI” Private Mortgage Insurance and getting made whole on defaulted loans and forcing us to make them the beneficiary to the PMI policy while you and me have to pay for it. Oh… more icing on the Banks cake too… they foreclose and sell off our homes for more profit being made whole a second time. Don’t get me started here… they also get made whole a few more times with “Credit Default” insurance on just one home.

Yup… we all know who the real thieves/robbers are!

Rather than fight them… I re-phrased the question.   You can check out my website for my new phrase.

No… I do not advocate robbing banks like my grandfather did but I DO advocate leveraging bank fraud and threatening to expose tax fraud against the banks and get them to walk away and release liens off of properties. It has to do with the banks not paying transfer tax and violating the terms of a REMIC trust.

Though I never met my grandfather as he was murdered in the early 1950’s and I was born in the 1960’s… I did learn a couple of things from him.

  1. You need to have multiple streams of income. He robbed trains. He robbed banks. He rustled horses and sold them for a profit. He rustled cattle and did the same thing. He “borrowed” Christmas trees and cut them down off of government BLM land “Bureau of Land Management” and sold them for a profit. He did gypsy logging going in after a big company like St. Regis and cleaned up the slash and sold it to the local logging mill. I am sure my grandfather did a lot more things that were pretty sketchy that my parents and uncles did not pass down the stories to me. What my grandfather did was wrong and in some cases horrific.
  2. I also learned from my grandfather not to do things the way he did or I would wind up like him. Sure, I heard the exciting stories as a kid growing up of my legendary grandfather being a Cowboy Outlaw. However… I also learned if I want to be a true success, that I need to honor God and become what my wife and I call “Kingdom-preneurs”. Loving Jesus and making Him known through our actions of how we conduct our businesses as Christians.  I am not saying I am perfect by any means… but when you know better… you do better. When you make mistakes… you apologize and make amends. I am a Christian. I make no apologies for it. I love Jesus and claim Him as my Lord and God. Do I still make mistakes today… I sure do… not as many as I did when I was younger and hopefully I have a little more wisdom to fall back on and make better decisions.

As a result of my pain of not having a grandfather and losing my own father when I was 18 years old, I became passionate about coaching and helping people. As a result of my coaching, my clients get accelerated results whether it is one of my boys from the local high school wrestling team or from coaching my clients in networking, business, real-estate investing, network marketing, creating internet courses or books, video internet marketing and websites to funnels, I am passionate about coaching people just like you!

In this respect… I took a page from my Grandfathers playbook to have multiple streams of income.

For my real estate clients, I teach this one simple thing to do to find vacant pre-foreclosure homes and to locate the homeowner before it goes to auction.

I took the shot with one of my JV clients and found a vacant house. The owner vacated it 6 years ago and just wanted it gone. I teach how to find these vacant properties and one of the easiest ways to find the owner is to knock on the neighbor’s doors. Neighbors are nosey and they love to share the gossip and are always willing to fill you in.

This was the case with this house. So much so that the neighbor got in her car and had my JV client follower her to the owners’ new house so she could make the introduction.

That introduction was the answer to prayer for the homeowner and she was willing to sign over her property and get rid of her headache. Her headache has become a Cash Cow flip for us and we will put thousands of dollars in our pockets in the next couple of weeks.

I share a famous quote from Wayne Gretzky the NHL hall of fame… he says “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. If you are not taking shots you are missing deals every day. If you are going to be successful in anything, you must take action. You must take shots.

What if my JV client didn’t stop to look at this vacant house and knock on the neighbor’s doors to locate the owner? We would have missed out on this opportunity. We would have missed out on thousands of dollars. One shot here took all of 5 minutes and it will put thousands of dollars in our pockets.

So… my question for you is… what is stopping you from taking the shot? The first shot leads to the next and the next and so on.

Get over to my website and book a free consult with me and let’s see if what I have is a fit for both of us. Let’s put a stop to you not taking shots in business, networking, real estate, network marketing etc… and let’s find out how you can take shots and hit the back of the net!  HERE

Huge Blessings,



This is my grandfather selling Christmas trees and telling what I am sure is a tall tale to these captivated children of a Grizzly Bear or Mountain Lion that he had to chase off to get these special trees to them. I was told this photo is from 1948 and appeared in a local newspaper in Pasadena, California. That’s him with the felt tip ink star on his hat.

Fun Facts:

Butch Cassidy was raised a Mormon.

Robert Leroy Parker was his real name.

He was a meat butcher in Rock Springs, Wyoming and got the name Butch.

Everyone thinks that the Sundance Kid was Butch’s right hand guy… it wasn’t! It was Kid Curry.

Butch and my grandfather both spent about two years in the Wyoming State Penitentiary in Laramie in the mid 1890’s being charged with rustling cattle and horses.

My family is from Montana, Wyoming and Idaho.

Butch owned a farm/ranch in Dubois, Wyoming. My family also owned a ranch in Dubois. My uncle owned a lumber sawmill in Dubois.

My grandfather rustled cattle in New Mexico and Texas and then sold them in Steamboat Springs, Colorado before returning to Wyoming.

My grandfather cut these Christmas trees up in the mountains in Wyoming… without a permit of course… and sold them in Pasadena, California. This means… he “borrowed” the trees from BLM land “Bureau of Land Management” for free so he could sell and make a profit.

My grandfather would tell the local Forest Rangers that he had a “Teton Permit”. The Forest Rangers didn’t know what that meant, so as not to look ignorant, they went along with the myth of this “Teton Permit” thinking it must be something legitimate even though it was not and left my grandfather to his business of “borrowing” these Christmas trees.

My grandfather’s son… my uncle started a lumber company called Teton West in Wyoming. It is still around today. One of my older brothers still has something to do with that company.

I hope you enjoyed some of my family history.


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