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Unless otherwise stated above, all purchases (except software) are refundable within 3 days based upon return of all course material received in resalable condition less shipping and handling (if applicable). In the event that I request a refund, I will contact Coach Pat Martin to receive a return authorization number. Once I am provided an RA number, I must return my materials in resalable condition to CPM within 7 business days via traceable means. CPM will not be held responsible for any lost packages. Returns received without a RA number or that are delivered after 7 business days may result in a delay of the refund process. If live training has been attended within the 3-day period, this refund policy becomes null and void.



I am aware there is no refund policy on the software I am purchasing. All Sales Are Final.

Additional Terms And Conditions

I authorize Destiny Changers Inc. to use my success story in future publications. I acknowledge that Destiny Changers Inc. does not function as my real estate broker, personal accountant, attorney or financial advisor. If I have a tax or legal question, I will seek the advice of an accountant, attorney, financial advisor or real estate broker. I acknowledge that I am responsible for my actions and hereby release Destiny Changers Inc. and Coach Pat Martin and any of its staff, employees, officers or affiliates from liability for any of my actions or comments influenced by the information contained in products and services received. From this day forward, I assume full responsibility of my personal, physical, emotional and financial well-being.

I understand providing the information on the order form gives CPM permission to communicate with me by fax, email, text messaging, recorded voice message or phone to relay special offers, announcements and information I may find valuable in my business. I understand I will receive confidential information that may not be shared with anyone outside my family or partnership. I will not reproduce these copyrighted materials nor lend, rent, or sell them to anyone to remain in compliance with the federal and state copyright and trademark laws.

I agree that all sales are final after 3 days of purchase unless stated otherwise above, and I agree that I will not contact my credit card company after the 3-day refund period has expired.

No legal advice is given, expressed or implied.     

Coach Pat Martin and his staff, employees and affiliates are not attorneys.  Coach Pat Martin highly recommends before engaging in any of the techniques, transactions, contracts, legal forms, course forms, real estate purchases and everything covered and discussed in his courses and in any of the live teachings, webinars and mastermind groups to seek the legal counsel from a licensed professional in the state, county and city where you determine to practice your business.  Please do not consider and take any of Coach Pat Martin’s teachings or from his personal experiences and testimonials of what he claims to have personally done and performed as legal advice, tax advice, foreclosure advice, bankruptcy advice and advice as a licensed real estate broker/realtor.  If you purchase any of Coach Pat Martin’s courses, curriculum, live events and any and all trainings or personal one on one coaching sessions, Coach Pat Martin is fully disclosing to you NOW and is informing you to seek YOUR own legal, tax, foreclosure, real estate and bankruptcy advice from a licensed professionals and to not rely on the legal opinions and statements from testimony and teachings from attorney Mr. Padraic “Paddy” Deighan.  Mr. Padraic “Paddy” Deighan is not acting as your attorney nor will he represent or defend you in a legal, court or private settlement proceeding’s.                                        

Duty to Read
I accept that under this agreement I have a duty to read this refund policy given to me and have done so. I attest to this duty and submit the order form to execute this document. Furthermore, I understand and accept that I am stopped from using lack of reading as a defense against all remedies so contained herein.
Please note your Credit Card Statement should reflect a purchase from Destiny Changers

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