The Pre-Foreclosure Cash Cow real estate course exists because the short sale wave has come to end. Besides that… short sales suck and the banks became too greedy.

  • Are you ready to make some easy money with low lying fruit, expose bank fraud and kick their collective butts?

  • Attention old seasoned pro investors, newbie first time investors to Realtors. You need to see this!

  • In CP’s PFCC course you will learn how easy it is to locate and capture “Abandoned Vacant” pre-foreclosure houses and legitimately rent them out for the next 2-5 years.

  • You don’t clean up the property. You don’t maintain the property.

What If…

  • … you could legitimately rent the property and cash flow it without cleaning it up, maintaining or paying the mortgage, taxes or insurance?

  • …you heard from the nation’s top foreclosure attorney explaining exactly how to do this legitimately?

  • …you didn’t have to make up any back payments? What if you could do a forbearance and “re-cast” the back payments?
  • …you could expose bank fraud and get the banks to release their lien against the property and you get the house “free and clear”?
  • …you could hear from one of the nation’s top real estate and foreclosure attorney’s on how to cancel the foreclosure auction date by requesting this one “Special” document from opposing counsel?
  • …you could find and retain a “specialized” attorney that can legitimately block the foreclosure auction multiple times?
  • …you heard from one of the nations top real estate foreclosure attorney’s on how to legitimately collect rent and capture the profits each and every month?
  • …you didn’t use your own credit or money?
  • …you controlled the deed?
  • …ou didn’t need any real estate investing background, no experience or a Realtors License to do this?

If this peaked your interest and having an extra $5K to $25K in your pocket each month would change your life all the while helping others, then this course is a perfect fit for you.

This is what you will learn from Coach Pat and the legalities taught by one of the nation’s top Real Estate attorney’s Paddy Deighan., JD. PHD. Astronaut, Chief Scientific Officer for NASA.

If you could do these things… there would be no more “What If’s!”

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