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We have all heard it said when it comes to being an entrepreneur in the marketplace, if you are going to be a success, you must move and flow with the changes to remain successful. In other words… Adapt or Die! For me, when I stay stuck in a place and get comfortable and not watching the latest trends and have waited too long, I end up missing money making opportunities. Thank God I not only have a beautiful wife but one that has a savvy business mind and a keen eye for the right opportunity that can kick me in the butt to help me get un-stuck when I need it.

Having been a pastor for many years, my passion is helping people. I love to help others to overcome self-limiting beliefs to take that first step from being an employee to being an “Employee-preneur” to a full-time entrepreneur living the Laptop Lifestyle and serving others too.   It wasn’t always like that for me. I was a great employee and worked my tail off for my bosses, putting in extra hours going the extra mile to prove my worthiness to them until I hit age 40 and read the book that changed my life. It was my last boss that told me to read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. That was over 15 years ago. Being “Un-employable” and boss free feels totally amazing in every aspect!

I got tired of trading hours for dollars and sacrificing my relationship with my wife and not having time for my son and daughter. My wife and I were both working for a church putting in over 60 hours a week. Everything looked good on the outside but our marriage was falling apart. I missed ball games and spending time with my kids all in the name of trading hours for dollars trying to get ahead and working 3 side jobs besides working for the church as the street pastor to the homeless.

One of my business mentors told me to never put all my eggs in one basket but to have multiple streams of income. About four years ago my wife had to kick me in the butt again because I had a self-limiting belief about a business income stream that someone showed her. My wife Doreen is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and helps people get healthy through nutrition with organic and Non-GMO wholefoods and supplements.

At the time I was stressing over a real estate flip that was going south and losing out of a $300K profit. The closing attorney screwed up the deal and included opposing counsel into an email thread on accident. The deal crashed. My heartburn was so bad that I was popping TUMS like Tic Tac’s and taking Zantac 150’s just to try to find relief so I could sleep at night. I gained 15 pounds in one month. Previously I had told my wife that I was not interested in her healthy eating, hugging trees and singing Kumbaya and that I prefer my porterhouse steak medium rare, French fries and a dark craft beer to her green smoothies. Guess what? I sang Kumbaya and did one of my wife’s 10 day cleanse. Holy Schmoly. My heartburn cleared up on the first day, blood pressure dropped to normal and I lost 16 pounds by day 10. I had not felt this good in years.

Finally, I decided to take a look at this biz op my wife was so impressed with, and I was really taken back once I looked too. I had never seen products like this, with not one questionable ingredient. This was a product line of over 50 products, including a 10 day cleanse, whole, live, green superfoods, and whole food supplements. This product line is made by the owners in their own USDA Organic manufacturing facility. Everything is Non-GMO, soy free and toxin free.

I wasn’t getting the whole picture at first. The way these products are distributed is through the network marketing business model. I wasn’t on board with that–again–self-limiting beliefs. My wife had to kick me in the butt and get me moving. Adapt or die right? As I did my 10-day transformation, I had an “aha” moment. Like I said, my passion is helping people to become entrepreneurs… and now… healthy entrepreneurs. What good is making money if your health is so bad that you can’t enjoy it? I had to evaluate how many people could I realistically help, without burning myself out? I realized that with this model, the number of people I could help could grow exponentially. I decided to take the plunge into this business model and help other entrepreneurs to build a residual income together with their other streams of income and now I have thousands of people helping other people. Eight months later, I was making over $12K extra per month and still heartburn free.

This one income stream alone allows my wife and me to live the Lap Top Lifestyle. We spent two months over the summer living in Ecuador right on the beach/Pacific Ocean in a little fishing village called Olon and volunteering at an orphanage. We loved it so much, that we are going back for two years.

I truly love helping people to step into being an entrepreneur and existing entrepreneurs to realize an additional stream of income to improve their financial footing. Eating clean, losing weight and getting healthy has never been more huge than today and the trend has no end in sight in the decades to come.

Many of those on my team I have personally helped them to add an extra $2K to $7K and more each month. They have gained a level financial freedom with a vehicle that they can get behind, a company that has been a proponent of the non-GMO movement since day one, a company with owners who will not compromise the quality or integrity of the products they manufacture, no matter how big they become.


I would love to help you step into your God-given gift and unapologetically make money doing what you love.

Let’s connect so I can answer your questions and have you take a look at what has improved my life and the lives of others on so many levels.

This is your opportunity to make a change. God is in the business of strategically positioning us in the right place at the right time, but it’s up to you to see and seize those opportunities that are all around you all the time.

People who partner with Doreen and me are independent entrepreneurs who want to improve their personal health, finances and desire to live the Laptop Lifestyle. In some cases, they already have their own wellness business, MD’s to Chiro’s and in others, they’re just getting started. In either case, Doreen and I will provide you with the mentoring and training to help you achieve your goals, dreams and desires from your own personal wellness to financial goals.

Examples Of my Partners Include: Health Coaches, Business Professionals, Real Estate Investor’s, Info Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Medical Doctors, Licensed Acupuncturist, Registered Nurses, Pharmacists, Chiropractors, Professional Athletes, Yoga, Pilates & Dance Teachers, Personal Trainers, Wellness Bloggers, Full-Time Parents, Mama-preneurs to Papa-preneurs. While they vary in what they do, one thing they have in common is this: A passion for sharing the message of increased health and wealth.

Making a positive change in your life and the lives of others is something we all want to do, but I know it can appear to be very intimidating. That is where Doreen and I can make a difference. I was in exactly the same place as you and have worked with thousands of people just like you and me. I’m determined to help you grow and succeed.

I am going to show you HOW TO DUPLICATE MY BUSINESS MODEL of God, Family then Business. We can be entrepreneurs without sacrificing our health and family.

How do you know if this is for you?

  • You want to make a positive change in your life today!
  • You want to make that change but you need a partner to mentor and inspire you from a faith-based perspective.
  • You feel stuck in your career, your relationships or finances and you know God has a bigger vision for you.
  • You are ready for abundance in all areas of your life.
  • You are ready to make a change in your life that reflects the core of your heart, desires, and dreams.
  • You want to break free of any self-limiting belief’s that has held you back.
  • You want to be surrounded by people who will support you, inspire and show you how you can reach your FINANCIAL goals by building a business God’s way with HIS guidance.
  • You are ready to explore being in Marketplace Ministry and sharing the love of Jesus with others.
  • You want to stop being an entrepreneur with self-ambition, striving and allow God to teach you HIS way of entrepreneurship.
  • You know you are called to make a difference in the lives of others and want to start living the Laptop Lifestyle!
  • You are ready to add an extra $2K to $5K or more each month to your bank account.

I’m looking for people just like you that are motivated to make a positive change in their lives and the lives of others plus want to be part of my team and would benefit from Doreen and I being their mentor’s.



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